TAG: Hash [x] Set:[UniqueID]

Registered users have the option to tag their images with the unique ID generated by a selected hashing option. [x] is the hash option selected, and [UniqueID] is the hash value of the image. This can be very useful when looking for sets of hash duplicates. For example, if an image is tagged as "Hash 0 Set:b1af7533c3f28734d11ea1ca47991b6b23fec931", you can, within Aperture or iPhoto, search for ":b1af7533"... to find all photos belong to this set of duplicates.

iPhoto users should be aware that the "Hash [x] Set:[UniqueID] " tags described here are actually comments in ADD For iPhoto. The searching mechanism is still the same in either version. You do not need to add this tag to iPhoto.