Aperture Exporter

Aperture Exporter was designed specifically for Aperture users who have decided to move to Lightroom. With only a few options and a click of a button, Aperture Exporter re-generates your Aperture Library as a set of folders and subfolders containing your images.
SKU: 150

Aperture Duplicate Detector

Do you use Aperture on your mac for your photos and images? Do you have duplicate images sitting in your library? Enter Aperture Duplicate Detector. It is designed to work with Aperture 3.x and will scan your library for duplicates that have accumulated over time and waste hard drive space.
SKU: 120

ProofBurner For Aperture

ProofBURNER is a supplemental utility that extends Aperture's own export facility making it easy to retain painstakingly crafted project/folder/album hierarchies when exporting. If you are looking to migrate away from Aperture to Adobe Lightroom you should check out Aperture Exporter which was designed specifically for that purpose.
SKU: 100