ADD Basic Usage

Step 1: Ensure Aperture and ADD are running.
Step 2: Start a scan. Your options are:
Scan Library - Does a full scan of all images in your library and performs ImageIQ on potential duplicates.
Scan Selection - Within Aperture, select the images you wish to have processed. ADD will scan only the selected images and perform ImageIQ on potential duplicates.
ImageIQ Selection - Finds visually similar images in the images you have selected in Aperture.

When the run is complete, your potential duplicate images will be tagged. Here are the meanings of the keywords:

The keywords have a parent keyword called "ADD Tags". You can filter the images based on "ADD Tags", to see all potential dupes whether they be Filename Duplicates, Date Duplicates, or Hash Duplicates. I'd suggest dealing with all the Hash Duplicates first. Additional advice is available in our support pages.

We can also automatically generate some smart albums that are very appropriate for processing your duplicates. See this article for further details and instructions.